We are a community of Marketers, Operators, Builders, and Designers investing in extraordinary founders who are defining our future.

The world needs big, bold solutions to the most difficult problems impacting humanity. Problems like climate change, space exploration, oceanic exploration, food shortages and mass violence require government, nonprofits and private enterprises to develop solutions. For the commercial sector, this means a new era of thinking about innovation and commercial opportunities, particularly for entrepreneurs.

MOBD is uniquely suited to the current challenges we face in innovation. We’re a Venture studio designed for entrepreneurs to invest, create, and launch new companies.

MOBD Ventures

Investing as a Partner In addition to the companies we build. We are a Founder-first investor. We believe in great teams tackling big problems and setting ambitious, long-term goals. 


We also believe in expanding opportunity and access. Only 1% of US VC-backed founders are Black and 2% are Latino. Only 9% are Women.


​We believe that venture capital is in its infancy and is one of the most powerful tools for generating economic impact and creating a better world for tomorrow.

MOBD Studios
Company Builder

Our Studios help entrepreneurs succeed in a new and exciting way. We bring the resources to the table to validate, design and engineer the new company.


Our Company Builder is where we spark new ideas, validate them, and provide hands-on operational support to founders as they get their companies off the ground.

San Francisco

Los Angeles

We love meeting talented, energetic entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Got an idea? Bring it on.
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